Grow Laser Cap – 280 Medical Grade Laser Diodes

  • Grow Laser Cap – 280 Medical Grade Laser Diodes, FDA cleared
  • Australia and New Zealand’s highest quality, coverage and best value laser cap – Exclusive to Hair Retention Clinic
  • Clinically proven to improve hair follicle health
  • Rejuvenate and stimulate your miniaturising hair follicles through photobiomodulation (PBM) / Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


Grow Laser Cap – 280 Medical Grade Laser Diodes

Grow Laser Cap’s photobiomodualtion (PBM) or Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) exposes your hair follicles to low-levels of red and near-infrared light at a nanometre range of 650 nm. These calibrated wavelengths of laser light penetrate the scalp to rejuvenate cells and stimulate cellular metabolism at the follicle. LLLT combats hair loss by extending the growth phase of the hair growth cycle while reactivating miniaturising follicles back to their growth potential. PBM increases nutrient and oxygen-rich blood flow to the hair follicles ensuring the hair follicle matrix has the nourishment for the hair shaft to grow at its thickest and fullest.

  • 280 Medical Grade Laser Diodes
  • FDA Cleared
  • One Grow Laser Cap – 280 Laser Diodes
  • One Grow Laser Cap Power Bank
  • One USB cable
  • One Australian and New Zealand AC Adaptor
  • One International AC Adaptor
  • One Grow Black Sports Cap
  • One Instructional Manual

Grow Laser Cap – Technical Data

Diode laser 280 pcs
Output 5 mW
Wavelength 650 nm
Fluence / Joules Per Square CM 3.78 J/CM2
Total Energy 1400 mW

Grow Laser Power Bank

Output 2.1 A
Frequency 4.5 Hz
Capacity 8000 mAh