Norwood Hamilton Scale

The Norwood Hamilton Scale has been the been the universal scale to view the early to late stages of Male and Female Pattern hair loss.

Please see below pictures using a microscopic camera of a male subject who is experiencing early stages of Androgentic Alopecia. These photos were taken of the frontal hair line, Crown Area and the left side of the scalp to show the different stages of follicle miniaturisation. 



Healthy Hair Follicle

Healthy Hair Follicle.

Photo taken on left side of the scalp just above the left ear

You can see strong growth and texture of the hair

Their are multiple hairs being grown by one follicle

Skin is not inflamed or red.


Miniaturised Hair Follicle – Mid to Advanced Stages

Miniaturised Hair Follicles

Photo take on subject crown Area

Please note the advanced miniaturised hair follicles that is hard to see

Please note the mid stage miniaturised follicle that can be easily seen but is in the stages of miniaturising.



Miniaturised Hair Follicle – Well Advanced – Late Stage

Miniaturised Hair Follicle – Advanced

Photo taken on subjects frontal region left hair line.

Note very small hair follicles – Not Visible to the naked eye

Once Hair follicle reach this stage it is too late to rejuvenate

Inflamed skin around the hair follicle