Who we are

Hair Retention Clinic was formed in November 2021 to be the best at home hair loss and value treatment for Men and Women in Australia. The founder of Hair Retention clinic after 15 years in the hair loss industry knew their had to be a better option for he was frustrated to see people being mislead, misinformed to what actually works and spending excess if thousands of dollars on heavily advertised retail clinics and non personalised online models that only really offer some of the clinically proven options. With the advancement of telehealth in Australia, Hair Retention clinics Doctors and specialist client service team are able to provide a tailored personalised at home program combining all the medically proven prescription and follicle stimulate options to treat your hair follicle health at home and for a fraction of the price. With our dedicated client service team and call centre we aim to provide open and honest communication to where you currently are with your hair health and to give you an informed and realistic expectation of what you can achieve. Private, discreet and sent directly to your door.